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GarageBand News

Check out the many new articles by Hangtime
Acclaimed GarageBand guru Hangtime has joined the editorial team . Hangtime is known to the Garage Band community as one of the ultimate GB authorities. Through his record number of contributions to the Apple GarageBand forum he is known for the patient and clear way he shares his extensive knowledge.
We are delighted to have Hangtime on board!

GarageBand News

GarageBand for PC

mixcraftGarageBand for PC has long been a pipe dream for the PC music community. It is a testimony to the unique quality of Apple's product that for many years, there was little competition for GarageBand in the PC world. A serious contender for the title "GarageBand for PC" has only recently arrived: Mixcraft 5.

Really, GarageBand for PC?

A trial download of Mixcraft 5 is available so you can judge for yourself whether Mixcraft lives up to that title. Three distinguishing characteristics of GarageBand are ease-of-use, powerful features and the very low price. With the latest version, Mixcraft 5, Acoustica's recording software for PC has met the challenge and come of age as a very appealing, fully featured and affordable Digital Audio Workstation.

News: The new Online TV site features showwwtimehundreds of freeTV channels. most of them of excellent quality. We particularly like the Music category, which has music video channels in all genres - an amazing selection.There are even a few channels with piano and guitar tutorial videos. All free - very impressive, and in a format that makes Showwwtime a pleasure to use.
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voices jampackVoices JamPack

If you can't sing, Voices is for you!
Apple has published the new Vocals JamPack, containing 1700 Apple Loops and 28 vocal instrument sounds featuring professional soloists and choirs in multiple genres and styles

Here is the full contents list :

Voices Loops (1701)
Voices Instruments (28)

Hangtime has published an article with great tips to help you organize your loops: Loop Family PopUp menus -

Also check out Hangtime's All About.... Tutorial "Creating a Template"

Other recent Tutorials and Back Stage Quickies:


Sequel 1.0.1 Entry-level loop-based music program

Sequel encourages a loop-based style of composition that lets you drag and drop audio and MIDI loops into a single window - everything is automatically adjusted for key and time signature. The program includes more than 4,500 loops (plus another 500 when you register the software) and more than 600 instruments covering a variety of musical genres, including dance, metal, electronic, and world music. Sequel's structure resembles GarageBand but lacks much of its interconnectivity. Instead it adds the Arrange Mode. This mode allows you to assign sections of songs to pads that can be triggered in whatever order you wish and played in real time. Live performers and DJs can use this to add a sense of spontaneity that you don't usually get from loops. In fact, DJs will find that it excels at creating the kind of dance music you'd hear in a club.

nine inch nails

Nine Inch Nails has once again released the sources in GarageBand format for three tracks from their new album Year Zero. You can also download user-created remixes.

free loops

LOOPS NEWS: has teamed up with Urban Elemants and to bring the community two new free loops packages containing over 100 Apple Loops. These loops can be used in GarageBand, Logic Express, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack, or any other application that can handle Apple Loops. You have to sign up to iCompositions to access the loops.
jimi hendrix

Amplitude - Jimi Hendrix Edition

New release:
Amplitude: Jimi Hendrix Edition is the first authentic software recreation of the complete guitar amp and effects rig of Jimi Hendrix. It includes models of rare and collectible vintage stomp boxes, amp heads and cabinets. This is the legendary sound that has marked the evolution of modern rock guitar and has influenced some of the greatest guitarists. JHE is powered by the award-winning AmpliTube 2 engine featuring proprietary techniques such as DSM™ (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) to achieve accurate emulation of guitar amps and effects

stealthStealthPlug is shipping

IK's first Audio Interface Cable for guitar and bass players, the StealthPlug is a compact and affordable 1/4" jack to USB audio interface cable for guitar and bass players. Portable and easy to use, StealthPlug is a good solution for practicing and playing guitar or bass and recording into GarageBand.

patPhat to Phreaky

Smart Loops releases Phat to Phreaky Smart Loops enlisted some of Hip-Hop's baddest beatmakers to lay down the grooves in Phat to Phreaky. This collection includes authentic beats from hitmakers that work with Jay-Z, Ludacris, Fabolous, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and many more! This collection is packed with smokin' grooves in a wide array of styles ranging from today's hottest Hip Hop beats to old school grooves. With over 800 loops, Phat to Phreaky is the essential collection of authentic urban grooves. Unlike other Smart Loops titles, which are performed on acoustic instruments, the grooves in Phat to Phreaky come straight from the beatboxes that you hear on today's hottest songs. Here is a brief clip .

MidairM-Audio releases Wireless MIDI

Bring your MIDI gear into the wireless age with the MidAir system. Comprised of a portable transmitter and receiver, the MidAir allows you to wirelessly transmit data from any device that outputs MIDI data—keyboards, drum machines, electronic drums and more. Just plug the battery-powered transmitter into the MIDI Out port on your controller of choice and connect the receiver to the MIDI In port on the device you'd like to control, and you're set. As a 2.4 GHz wireless device, the MidAir enables you to interface MIDI hardware at distances up to 30 feet with the same feel and response as a wired unit. The MidAir receiver includes a USB port so you can also wirelessly control GarageBand software instruments.

macspeech200 free Apple loops

Macloops offers 200 free AIF format apple loops - drums, bass, synths, guitar and orchestral. You need to sign up to become a member first, after which Macloops will send you regular mailings about commercial loops.

New "Kontrol" Audio InterfaceGarageBand

Native instruments has announced a new Audio Interface: The Audio Kontrol 1.

The 2in/4out interface will offer a 192kHz sample rate at 24-bit quality, and comes with freely assignable buttons and Controller knob.

Native Instruments says "AUDIO KONTROL 1's adaptability makes it the perfect audio interface for musicians, producers and DJs. Versatile connection configurations, included controller assignment preset files as well as the full versions of XPRESS KEYBOARDS, GUITAR COMBOS and TRAKTOR 3 LE guarantee its universal appeal"

The AK1 is Mac Core Audio compatible and will be available in October priced at $299 US.


Free Apple Loop Pack

Producers Todd Milne and Jeff Rhodes have released a free Apple Loop Pack of over 150 MB of loops in a variety of styles. Perimeter loop collections include "Bio-mechanic Beats", "Disturbance", "Brain Danse" and "Abstract World Fusion"

50 albums that changed music

Fifty years old this month, the album chart has tracked the history of pop. But only a select few records have actually altered the course of music. To mark the anniversary, a panel of critics from "the Observer" argues for 50 albums that caused a revolution.


You found a really great chord on the guitar but you don't know what to call it.... You bought iLife with GarageBand, but it's too tedious to enter notes one at a time with the keyboard and mouse.... You'd like to try a song in a different key but you don't know how to transpose all the chords... You'd like to experiment with other tunings but don't know the fingerings.... FretPet can help!

That is how the "Thinkyhead" website describes its clever sequencing and learning tool for guitarists. Check it out on

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