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Keyboard Controllers and Audio Interfaces

control GarageBand

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Keyboard Controllers

Three of the most commonly used keyboards for use with GarageBand are:
The Edirol PCRM30 32-Note USB MIDI Keyboard Controller. Very popular.
Manufacturers description:The PCR-M30 is a revised version of the popular PCR-30. The PCR-M30 offers 32-Keys, 27 assignable MIDI controllers, a software editor, MIDI in and out, and both sustain and expression pedal connections. Another advancement over the PCR-30 is the addition of velocity curves, switchable MIDI interface, and a new key-action found on Roland's higher-end synths.
Another well designed GarageBand controller keyboard is the M-Audio Oxygen 49.
It has 49 keys and 16 MIDI-assignable controllers The 8 knobs, 24 buttons and 9 sliders are ideal for programming and virtual mixing. It is USB powered.
Excellent and affordable.

The Audio Oxygen 8 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller has 8 assignable knobs, 1 assignable slider. and 6 transport buttons.
Small and cheap.
Manufacturers description: Map the eight knobs to any synth parameters you want to program or perform with - or to mixer controls like volume, panning and effects send. Assign the buttons to trigger samples and anything else that is MIDI-programmable.

At the top end of the keyboard scale is the amazingly powerful Korg Triton Studio 88-Key Workstation/Sampler
(144 drum kits should be enough for anyone, surely?)

Audio Interfaces: Firewire

The best interfaces between GarageBand and other equipment are the Firewire devices. They are much faster ( have lower "latency") but do cost more than USB devices.

Here are four of the most popular Firewire devices, with a link to zZounds and the manufacturers description.

Firewire The Firebox is the most powerful 24-bit/96k FireWire recording interface that fits in the palm of your hand. The Firebox is a complete 24bit/96k personal recording studio combining two high quality PreSonus microphone/instrument preamplifiers and 24-bit/96k sample rate
zZounds.com has it at a reduced price of $499 $249
Firewire 3 The Firepod is a complete 24-bit/96kHz recording studio combining eight high-quality PreSonus microphone preamplifiers and 24-bit/96kHz sample rate conversion
Firewire2 The FireWire 410 is a FireWire-compatible audio/MIDI interface that has it all-power, flexibility, compact size and low price. Its 4-in/10-out configuration with preamps is perfect for personal recording,
Firewire 1 The MAudio Firewire Audiophile 2496 is a compact, FireWire-compatible audio/MIDI interface that takes the legacy of M-Audio's award-winning Audiophile line to the next level

Audio Interfaces: USB

USB devices are ok for many recording situations, especially when you are only doing a modest amount of live recording. The latency (= delay in the transmission of audio signals) of many USB interfaces, although higher than with FireWire, is quite acceptable in many amateur recording sessions.
US 122
mobile pre

  • Edirol UA-25 Digital Audio Interface The UA-25 is a powerful USB Audio/MIDI interface designed to offer premium sound quality, rugged durability, and complete portability to the computer-based audio engineer. The UA-25 is compact enough to travel anywhere you can take your computer.

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