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Read music, Music Theory and Ear training

One of the very best resources for learning about music and training your ear is Ricci Adams' free on-line music toolkit at www.musictheory.net.
Here you will find lessons on music reading, ear and eye training, chords, intervals, scales and rhythms. Spend a bit of time to get to know the site and find your favorite settings. You can choose how easy or hard you want the material to be, and there are tools to help you along the way, like the online piano keyboard.
Try out this list of Musictheory.net's lessons and tools:

GarageBand: books & DVDs

The TidBits editors have published excellent Macintosh related articles for many years. I am a longtime subscriber to their Mac newsletter "Tidbits" and admire the editorial insights and style. They have published two e-books for GarageBand:

Take Control of Making Music with GarageBand
($10 downloadable eBook) Seattle musician Jeff Tolbert's step-by-step instructions guide beginning and intermediate users through using GarageBand's built-in loops to create two songs, teaching you how to use GarageBand's editing and mixing features, and how to be playful and creative while composing tunes that please the ear. You'll learn how to plan a song, edit loops using both graphical and notation view, create exciting mixes, and export your pieces to iTunes. The ebook also covers how to change track volume and pan dynamically, and how to work with GarageBand's effects. Linked-in audio lets you listen to examples while you read about them. The ebook includes seven suggestions for solving performance problems.

Although this ebook has been updated to cover GarageBand 3, you can download free copies of the GarageBand 1 or 2 versions.

Take Control of Recording with GarageBand
($10 downloadable eBook or $17.50 for both) This ebook explains how to use GarageBand to create musical compositions with vocals, drums, guitars and MIDI keyboards. Seattle musician Jeff Tolbert shares his GarageBand know-how and years of recording experience to help you get the most out of your existing gear or purchase new equipment that fits your budget and style. You'll find real-world recording studio techniques, learn how to use a microphone effectively, and discover how to apply effects like a pro. Clear steps and plenty of practical advice help you plan a recording session, record multiple tracks at once, and fix mistakes easily. Two example songs demonstrate many of the techniques discussed. Linked-in audio lets you listen to examples while you read about them.

This is also a GB3 ebook, but you can download free copies for version 1 or 2.

Other GarageBand Books & DVDs- available from amazon.com:

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