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Plugins for GarageBand:   Audio Units, SoundFonts, Software

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Audio Units

Audio Units can be added to GarageBand to give you many more instruments to play with.
Here are some good sources for Audio Units
  1. One of the largest makers of Audio Units and other GarageBand plug-ins is AMG.

  2. MDA-VST: Which contrary to its name has over a dozen AU plugins includung Amp Sims, Detuner, Delay, Comperssor/Limiter, and more

  3. MacMusic.org: a HUGE list of Freeware, Shareware and Commercial Plug-Ins.

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There are literally thousands of SF2s available on the web. In fact if you google "SoundFont" you'll find more hits than you could probably look through in a lifetime. SoundFonts page.

SoundFont sources:

sf2midi.com presents a massive collection: At last count over 3,860 free SoundFonts available!


Tons of SoundsFonts nicely categorized. just shy of 1,100! (Piano, Chromatic Percussion, Organ, Guitar, Bass, Solo Strings, Ensemble, Brass, Reed, Pipe, Synth Lead, Synth Pad, Synth Effects, Ethnic, Percussive, Sound Effects, Drumkits and percussive kits, Collections, Miscellaneous)


Over 220 nicely categorized SoundFonts (Bass, Brass, Guitar, Loops (not loops like GB loops, actual instruments that paly sequences), noise, Orch Hit, Organ, Perc, Piano, Strings, Synth, Voice, Wind)

The Jazz Page

Muted Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Trumpet, Brass, Tenor Sax, Acoustic Bass, Contrabass, Harmonica, Soprano Sax, Alto Sax. Guitars: Jazzguitar, Nylon Guitar, Steel Guitar, Clean Guitar, Muted Guitar, Overdrive Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Guitar Harmonics.


Midi Keys MidiKeys

MidiKeys is a small application for Mac OS X that presents a miniature MIDI keyboard onscreen. You can use the computer keyboard to play MIDI notes, or click on the keys with the mouse. There is also an option to select a MIDI source and see incoming notes played on the keyboard.

Beats iDrum adds the missing ingredient to your Mac-based home recording studio - a fully programmable drum machine. It's just as easy to use as the hardware drum machines of yesteryear, but with all the flexibility of a software-based virtual instrument. iDrum integrates seamlessly with GarageBand - or you can run it as a standalone application. Create drum patterns in iDrum right alongside your existing tracks, perfectly in time, all the time. Or use iDrum as the backbeat when you're laying down new tracks. Use the hundreds of included pre-programmed patterns and rhythms or roll your own. The price is a very reasonable $49.

Download Demo - The iDrum Demo Version is identical to the full version except that it will time-out ten days after you install it. It includes Audio Unit and Standalone versions of iDrum.

Beats 2 Free Beats

From the same company comes the offer of 74 FREE iDrum beats for GarageBand.

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