This site is written and edited by Victor Hookstra and Hangtime.

Victor made his first recording many years ago on a two track reel-to-reel and has been passionate about home and studio recording ever since. He is an acclaimed teacher and multi-instrumentalist, and has produced 5 CDs.

The acclaimed GarageBand guru Hangtime has recently joined the editorial team. Hangtime is known to the GarageBand community as one of the ultimate GB authorities. Through his record number of contributions to the Apple GarageBand forum he is known for the patient and clear way he shares his extensive knowledge.

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Thanks for all the feedback so far - your comments about the site and contributions of tips. Thanks also for the many requests for the DoorPost, our GarageBand newsletter. We will keep your details confidential and will not send you any e-mail apart from the DoorPost three to four times a year.

At your request we have added a search facility to the site that should help you find the answer to GarageBand questions you may have.


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