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Optimizing GarageBand on your Mac. Hooking up a keyboard, guitar or mixer. Input and output: importing audio, loops, MIDI. Exporting to iTunes. How to avoid hum and distortion.


The Gear we use with GarageBand: from cheap but powerful controller keyboards to mixers, guitars & accessories. What are the right microphones to use? About workstations, bass gear, high tech & low tech. Also: tips on where to buy and how much to pay.


All about GarageBand loops: the two different types of GarageBand loop, audio and Midi. How to import loops, how to create your own Apple Loops. How to convert loops from other formats like aiff or wav. Matching the tempo and key. Also: links to lots of loops, some of them free, as well as loop software and sites.

Software Instruments

Software Instruments are the Midi instruments that live on your hard drive. You can trigger them directly from within GarageBand or manipulate them with a keyboard using Midi. You can write music one note at a time with full control. How do you add more software instruments? How do you write and edit a Midi instrument track? How about key changes? Tips about velocities and pitch bend curves.
Live Recording

Live Recording

In this section you will find lots of tips on live recording with GarageBand: how to record a great vocal track, the best choice of microphones, microphone placement and technique. Recording tips for guitar, bass, vocals, drums, synth and acoustic instruments. Mic or direct recording, adding reverb.
Editing,Mixing & Effects

Editing, Mixing & Effects

The GarageBand engine room: editing your tracks. Adding effects like equalizing, compression, noise gate, reverb. Tweaking effect settings "under the bonnet". Adding new effects (some free). Lots of tips on mixing, bouncing and panning. Mastering techniques that will produce a great track.
The Music

the Music

The final GarageDoor chapter is about the music: the ear, the musicians, the styles, and a little theory.

The DoorPost

The DoorPost - GarageBand tips newsletter is sent to you every three months and is full of extra tips on how to get the most out of GarageBand. It takes a more in-depth look at some important aspects of digital audio and home recording with GarageBand. Also: Links to free loops, effects and software instruments.
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