Transposing for saxophone, trumpet etc.
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Glasses that transpose music
Saxophone is one of several "transposing instruments", which in simple terms means that when you ask a sax player to play a "C" - that's not what you will get. When an alto player plays a "C", we hear an Eb. We therefore call it an "Eb instrument". It means that you have to give players like this a chart in the right key for them.
Below is a transposing calculator to help you do this."Concert key" is the normal key of the song, "their key" is the transposed key the instrument must play to sound like the concert key.

Select the instrument: Concert Key: Their Key:
GarageBand can do the transposing for you, but if your knowledge of transposing intervals could do with a little boost, try our handy transposing calculator on the the GarageDoor | Instruments | Key page.
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