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Sample Rates & Bit Depth               

Since GarageBand only supports a sample rate of 44100 (44.1K) and a bit depth of 16, these are generally the settings you want for your Audio Interface (Note: Some interfaces only offer a 24-bit setting. Apparently GarageBand can tolerate this and convert it to 16-bit on the fly, however if your interface supports 16-bit recording, set it to that). Making sure these settings are correct is done with Apple's Audio MIDI Setup utility...

Make sure Finder is active by clicking on its icon in the Dock repair 1

Open a new Finder Window
repair 2

Select "Utilities" from the "Go" Menu
repair 3

Find Audio MIDI Setup utility, and launch it

The first thing that we'll want to do is select the device that we want to work with.
bit 1

And we can see that in this case neither the sample rate nor the bit depth are set correctly.
bit 2

Fortunately, this is very easy to correct using the PopUp menus in Audio MIDI Setup utility.

First, the sample rate
bit 3

then the number of channels and bit depth
bit 4

And with that, our audio interface is set up correctly for use in GarageBand.
bit 5

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