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Hangtime's Tutorials
illustrated, easy to follow and with a touch of humour......

Making GarageBand tracks. With illustrations and easy to follow instructions Some neat tricks and unexpected shortcuts that make GarageBand fun to work with How to keep GarageBand well oiled within OSX Audio

Hangtime's "All About...." articles - a sample:

aa Converting sound formats

So you want to learn about converting?

Not really, no, I'm a Buddhist, and I'm happy with that. No, I mean converting between sound formats.

Oh, well, yeah, I guess, is it hard? No, it's quite simple


Here we go yet again. No really, it is.

Okay, go ahead. Thanks.

First let's start off with why you might want to do so. There are two main reasons ..........    read the whole article

aa Are you curious about AUs?

Curious about Hey Yous? No, not Hey You, AU.

Okay what's an AU? It's an Audio Units Plugin, part of Mac OS X's Core Audio system level plug-in architecture which allows developers to write plug-ins in a single format which any OS X application can use ...

Huh? Oh, scary geekspeak, sorry. intro 2
All that you really need to know in regard to what an AU is can be simplified to: It's the kind of Plug-In that GarageBand uses. ..........     read the whole article

aa How can I get more instruments for GarageBand?

Well one way is to buy any of Apple's JamPacks. These contain thousands of loops as well as new instruments and presets.

Yeah, I actually have all of them, and they're grand, but I want even more. .SF2s!

Gesundheit. Huh?intro 3

I thought you sneezed. Oh, no, I was mentioning SF 2's which are an instrument format that GarageBand supports. ..........     read the whole article

aa chef Let's talk about panning, shall we?

Mmm, I love to pan fry Southern Fried Chicken. Well, yes, so do I, but I was thinking more along the lines of music ... panning various tracks to different positions in the stereo field

You've lost me already. A little too GeekSpeak again? Yeah. But we just went through this in the Backstage Quickie about Stereo vs. Mono. Sometimes I forget things. I see, well, click the link and give that a quick read, let me know when you're done... I'll just wait here for you to finish. .............     read the whole article

aa intro 4 Do you know what a Click Track is?

Sure, it's the sound a train makes as it rolls by.  Ummm, no

Well, duh!  If I knew what it was I wouldn't be reading this article.  What is a click track?  Glad you asked.............     read the whole article

aa Region 12 Have you ever wished to move a region from one track to another, perhaps to reduce your track count, but found that every time you moved it, no matter how careful you were, the moved region was no longer in perfect time?

Absolutely! It can actually be done without messing up the timing at all, and it's pretty easy.

{Grumble} Hey, look you made it through RCRepairing Permissions, didn't you? Yes. And that was easy, right? I guess. Okay then.

So how is it done? It's a simple little trick based on.............     read the whole article

Copy So I wrote these really awesome songs, how do I make sure no one steals them? You're probably thinking of "Copyright"

Yeah, that's it! How do I do that? It's easier than you think

I SO hate when you say things like that. No really it is. In fact it's so easy you don't have to do anything at all to own the Copyright.

Huh?..........      read the whole article

BSQ Hangtime's BSQ:
intro 101 A simple, but useful, and undocumented tip
In the track editor you may find that you can't see all of your notes in Piano Roll view without scrolling up and down. ..........     read this Backstage Quickie

bsq intro 102Hangtime's BSQ: "Curve Points"
One of the biggest deficiencies with GarageBand's implementation of Volume and Pan Curve points (We'll refer to them collectively as simply "Curve Points") is that they belong to a Track, not a Region. ..........     read this Backstage Quickie

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